NirSoft is a development site for Windows OS software. The website was founded in 2004 by Israeli developer Nir Sofer, who has been developing high-quality applications for Microsoft devices for 15 years. The software is free to download and use and has few bugs. The website offers over 100 different software programs. This review will show some of the features and benefits of this software. Read on to learn more about this company’s products.

Nirsoft has a collection of freeware utilities, Windows password recovery tools, and network utilities. The website also contains information on the IP address and major IP address blocks. You can subscribe to the NirSoft blog for new releases, and get a bundle of all Nirsoft utilities. These utilities are updated weekly, and you can download them all at once. For added security, you can download a trial version of some of their products.

A big downside to NirSoft’s applications is that some antivirus solutions can report them as false positives. This is especially common with programs that are designed to reveal passwords. This means that you should always run antivirus software on a computer before downloading NirSoft software. These tools are available to download on the Nirsoft website. However, they are a risk for inexperienced users. They may also result in a warning from your computer’s system.