What are the different types of scams?

Typically, these scams can be grouped into the following four categories:

1. 419 Scams: This refers to someone promising you money in exchange for important documents that have been deemed confidential.

2. Business Email Compromise Scams: These scams occur via email and consists of a sender telling you that he is from a big company, such as a bank or a law firm, and has urgent documents pertaining to your account. He/she demands that you respond immediately to his email in order to access the documents. He/she then pretends to transfer a huge sum of money for that need, when he/she does not actually send it.

How do you recover your stolen funds?

Retrieved funds usually consist of ATM, wire transfer, and cash withdrawal accounts. For example, fraudsters stole a company’s bank card number. Later, they started to withdraw money from their company’s ATM. The fraudster also had the owner of the company’s bank card number. They would withdraw money at various ATM’s.

Since the company was hit hard by the fraud, their CEO is having difficulty recovering his business’s stolen funds.

One way to recover lost funds is to use a fund recovery company that deals with online and offline fraud cases. It’s important to note that when it comes to recovering lost funds through online fraudster, it’s not advisable to press charges on a financial institution for the loss.

What are some tips for avoiding these types of scams?

Choose reputable companies. The most important thing is choosing a company that specializes in fund recovery. No reputable recovery company would operate under a veil of secrecy. Look for a company that’s clearly advertised in prominent places such as websites, on-line, in newspapers, etc. Go to their website and learn about their services. Read testimonials of other victims that they have helped.

Pay attention to the spelling and grammatical errors on the company’s website. If it’s written in all caps and in all odd numbers, it’s most likely an amateur website.

If the company makes any claim to be independent, it’s probably a company that is being run by a professional scammer. Be very careful.

Where can you find out more information on scam prevention?

Many experts advise that it is highly advisable to stay away from online shopping sites. This may seem like an obvious rule to follow, but many people still rely on these sites to make purchases.

The safe shopping option, in particular, is to make purchases from a place which you know and trust. You can do that by placing your orders in a phone or a secure website that your card number will never be stored. Therefore, you will be sure that your credit card is safe and your information is secure.

What are the top online shopping frauds?

First, check your card to ensure that it is still active.

Next, request for a new card.

Make sure that you do not get a refund using your old card number.

Do not assume that your card was compromised until you receive a letter from your bank.


Criminals are becoming more organized, more creative, and more aggressive as time goes on. The same can be said about online criminals, but you can turn your back and try to move on with your life if you have a strong will to do so. But for those who have been cheated from their hard-earned money, some strategies can be effective in recovering what was stolen and returning it to the rightful owner. And as the saying goes, “It’s never too late to get what’s yours!”

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