What is Bitcoin tracing?

Bitcoin tracing is a computer software that finds the computers used by scammers to commit fraud. Unlike most other methods, it does not rely on IP-addresses or remote IP addresses that the scammers are known to hide their identities with. Instead, it searches for the IP-addresses that the scammer used when they initiated communication with you. Once it finds the relevant ones, they’re indexed and publicly exposed to help identify the scammer and his/her identity.

It’s important to point out that you should not use bitcoin tracing services to ‘cheat’ your attacker. Instead, they are there to save you from becoming victims of fraud.

Section 2: Types of Bitcoin tracing services

Here are three types of bitcoin tracing services:

Server-less bitcoin tracing.

How does Bitcoin tracing work?

Many victims are left disenchanted and hopeless as the hard-earned funds that they have worked hard for seem to have vanished into thin air. Bitcoin tracing is a company which specializes in doing this, in the hopes of getting your stolen funds back for you. Bitcoin tracing is one such organization that has the potential to help victims retrieve their funds back without having to face the consequences of a fraudulent transaction gone wrong. For this specific reason, we here at FundRecoveryCompany.com highly recommend using Bitcoin tracing if you have experienced a loss due to a fraudulent bitcoin transaction.

Constant investigation

Bitcoin tracing is a company that is extremely experienced in tracing through cryptocurrency transactions.

The risks associated with Bitcoin tracing

In the ever-growing digital realm, obtaining cryptocurrency is getting easier and easier for people from all walks of life. It is just as easy to buy as it is to sell, but since one does not possess the necessary funds, the trading becomes a shady process which usually leads to money loss. Being one of the best Bitcoin tracing firms, JoinTheGreenSpace offers a very safe and professional service.

They have years of expertise in tracing Bitcoin transactions and recovering funds. They are committed to transparency and do not tolerate any subterfuge, nor are they interested in using illegal techniques or shady tactics. In the long run, JoinTheGreenSpace aims to help users in purchasing cryptocurrency safely and securely.

Who can benefit from this process?

People who suffer losses from fraudulent accounts or who have been victims of identity theft, fraud or other cyber crimes. At The Bitcoin Recovery Company, we focus on recovering funds from any type of fraud, including phishing scams, phishing websites, ransomware, and attacks through torrential load malicious software, advanced malware infections, and more. This is possible because we work with the smartest people in the industry who truly understand the bitcoin ecosystem and its operation. By specializing in this field, we can put the resources necessary to fight this battle against fraudsters.


If you’ve fallen into the trap of losing your funds, then you probably think you’ll never recover your money. Fortunately, that does not have to be the case. There are many solutions out there that can help to track down your stolen funds.

But sometimes, you don’t even need a full recovery team to recover your stolen funds. All it takes is some persistence and a good amount of time. And in some cases, you don’t even need to be victimized by a scam. All it takes is having a mobile phone that gets stolen. This problem can be solved. You can recover your stolen funds.

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